Get your time back, grow your firm, and love again what you do

Virtual Advisory and Advanced Tax Planning for Lawyers

We help Lawyers save 6+ hours per week while paying the least amount of taxes, sometimes zero with strategic bookkeeping and advanced tax planning, so that you can have more time to get and serve more clients to build a 7-figure practice


There are only so many hours in a day

It always comes down to billable hours

You try your best to keep your expenses down to increase revenues, but you end up doing tasks that could easily be outsource.

Your time is too valuable to spend it on administrative tasks.

If you use those same hours to work on your clients cases you would bill so much more than the savings you are getting by DIY.

Do you really want to do your bookkeeping when you could be working on high valuable tasks or spending time with your family? Maybe going to your kids school activities? Perhaps, you want to read that book that you keep in your nightstand but your are too tired to get to it. 

Now your books are a little behind or a little messy and you cannot stop thinking about it, and let's not even mention 3-way reconciliation! You want to understand what's really going on inside your business, where is the money going? How can I increase my profit without increasing working hours?

You are not alone. We are here to give you peace of mind like we do with other lawyers just like yourself who were dealing with the same obstacles to grow their business.

Your new life with outsourced services

More Time, More Goals Reached!

When you outsourced your bookkeeping with us, is not just time what you will be getting back. In us, you have a trusted advisor, a partner, with whom you can discuss your business, your goals, your struggles.

We will work together to help you succeed, with up-to-date financials, now you have the right tools to make informed decisions and increase profitability as well as efficiency. 

We are here to help

Let's connect to learn more about our virtual services and how we can help you reach your personal and business goals

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