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Are you having trouble filing your 2020 Taxes?

Has your Tax situation changed and you don’t know where to start?

Here are some possible changes that might affect your Return:

✔️Bought or sold a house

✔️Change of filing status (Single, Married jointly, Married Separately, Head of Household)

✔️New dependent

✔️New job / Quit job


✔️You or any of your dependents started school

✔️Death of a Family Member

✔️Started a business

✔️New bank account for refund or payment

✔️Contributed or took money out from a retirement account, rollovers or conversions.

✔️Cryptocurrency Transactions

✔️Sold any assets

✔️Gambling winnings

✔️Received an inheritance

✔️Gifted more than $15K to a one-person during the year

✔️Have financial interest or signature authority over foreign financial accounts

✔️Anything that you consider relevant to your tax situation

Karla Navarro, our Enroll Agent can assist you. Click here to schedule your 15 min call now!

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